Sunday, April 5, 2009

Inaugural Chateaubriand

Now I know I’m supposed to praise Barack for his ‘great’ speech last night at the inauguration. I’m supposed to give you reason’s why he’s going to be a great president. But that’s what society says I must do. Society can kiss my ass. Maybe give it a rub. Anyway…

To tell you the truth, I was very disappointed with the whole thing. Like a kid who expected an X-Box for Christmas and got a pair of socks. The singing – kak. The music – kak. The swearing in of Barack H (funny with all the mistakes though) - kak. But the poem? The poem was brilliant.

Brilliant in its kakness. What a load of dribble. A tablespoon of horse manure chucked into a bowl of alphabet soup and thrown on a piece of paper. Dribble. Elizabeth Alexander wowed the world with alphabet soup. Here, my little woodland friends, is a transcript of this great poem. Read it. Laugh. Cry. Do whatever it is that you do. Just don’t enjoy it. You’re better than that.,0,4217436.story

Can you believe that this celebration, the inauguration of the most powerful man in the world, was graced by that? I have no words. Barack’s inaugural address was also slightly disappointing. After his previous awesomeness, one would expect some Martin Luther King shit, but alas – it was just good. Not great. Good. And he didn’t say YES YOU CAN once. Disgraceful. (I have to give a noddy badge to the reverend though – that prayer was kickass.)

Good luck Barack. And good luck to Elizabeth Alexander for living with herself for the rest of her life. She will always be remembered as the woman who wrote the brilliant poem at Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Brilliant in its kakness.

My prayers go out to her and her family.

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