Sunday, April 5, 2009

LOL Beef

The English language is a beautiful thing. In a quote only used before to describe Ron Burgundy, it makes Sinatra look like a hobo. Why must people us the lols and the lmaos and the wtf and dis and dat? When the English language has produced gems such as ‘elope’, butter, and ‘counterintuitive’?

In an ideal world:

“Oh how we laughed and laughed at your wonderous sense of humour. That is extremely entertaining.”


“O we lold fo yo funi jk. I lmaod fo dat.”

Then there’s the girls who use the baby speak which makes me want to hit them on the head with a piece of lead piping. Like professor plum.

“Fank u my fwend.”

Stupid. Go and buy bunny-licks you idiots. Let’s all take a second and say a prayer to whoever it is you do – because there’s nothing on earth that can save the English language.

Maybe Al Gore. But don’t hold yo bweth.

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