Friday, April 24, 2009

Plaque and poephols

I don’t get some people. People and stupid inventions. Maybe they’re just so unhappy with their jobs that they would try to invent the most effed up shiznit. Or maybe they’re just stupid.

Excerpt from an emergency meeting of a bunch of chops:

“I’ve called this meeting today, to share with you an idea that is going to change all of our lives. It’s a fold-up toothbrush. Thing is, with toothbrushes being so thin and small, people NEED to have it made even smaller, because they can’t fit this teeny tiny thing into their huge hand luggage bag. And here’s the cleverest part: this sort of thing DOES come free on planes, but we’re going to make them pay for it.”

What a bunch of idiots. This was a stupid enough idea when it came free in the pouch of the plane seat in front of you, but now it’s for sale. That’s right, an exchange of legal tender will have to happen for you to get a smaller toothbrush than the small toothbrush you already have.

Fuck. Next it’s going to be prescription specs for the blind. Or iPods for the deaf.

I bet these idiots are still unhappy at their call centre jobs.

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