Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gory Gory Man United

What a beautiful day this is. The sun is hidden behind the darkest clouds we’ve had all winter, but what a beautiful day this is.

What we all saw last night at the Stadio Olimpico, was nothing short of a fuckshow. Barcelona had their way with United in a 72 000 sleeper motel room and then left without paying them.

Let’s just say that Barcelona scored. United didn’t. Let it be known that I am not taking joy in Barcelona’s victory, I am taking joy in United’s defeat. As any Liverpool supporter would.

It was a lesson in football. Messi showing Ronaldo and the rest of the team how it should be done.

“Meeeeesta Messi, Meeeeesta Messi? How do you plaiy foothball so goot?”

“That’s seeemple Cristiano, I not asshole.”

And typical of United fans, last night as I left the pub, people said stupid things like this:

“We can’t win everything”
“Barca can have it, the Premier League was more important”
“We won more trophies than Liverpool did”

Typical. These were the same people who didn’t stay for the presentation of the trophy (that’s the same trophy that Liverpool won 5 times). Being gracious in defeat may be something you guys may want to concentrate on for next season. It may come in handy sooner than you think.

Did you guys see Penelope Cruz won an Oscar? For Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I’m just saying.

It really is a stunning day.

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