Monday, June 1, 2009

Don’t save the whales

For anyone who may have been holidaying in Eastern Europe (with no access to South African TV or newspapers), this is what happened in Cape Town this weekend:

A couple of Pilot whales thought it would be a good idea to chill on the sand for a change, so they decided to beach themselves in Kommetjie. A couple of hippies tried to send them back into the water but they kept returning. So the cops/chops decided to shoot them in the head and dress it up as Euthanasia.

The hippies were understandably upset. Just a couple of points for them to consider before they get out their placards:

Firstly, saving the whales is very 70s. These days, people are more worried about important things, like saving the planet. So recycle your paper and buy green stuff rather.

Secondly, if they’re beached, they’re beached - it’s natural. Don’t shoot them, don’t send them back, it was meant to be. You can hold a memorial service for them if you like, but leave them alone (and shooting them wasn’t the right thing to do either).

Thirdly, do you run around trying to save springboks from becoming lion chow? I don’t think so. Dying is natural. It’s the way the ecosystem and the food chain work. (There are the people who hunt and kill springboks with their big-boy rifles, which is also goes against what nature intended, but that’s not for here.)

And just something to think about: if they’re Pilot whales, surely their ‘navigation’ should be a lot better?

Just a thought.

I’m not siding with the cops, I’m not siding with the hippies – I’m on the fence.

Don’t save the whales, leave them alone.

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