Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I love stupid people. Like this woman – her morals have just made me laugh like I’ve been tickled in the ear with a feather duster. She is offended by inoffensive KFC ads. Please also see all the FAILS – just a bit of icing on the funny cake.

Good day,

As a regular consumer of KFC i CAPS FAIL have to bring it to your URGENT attention.KFC's latest two adds SPELLING FAIL on TV that is ABSOLUTALY ABSOLUTE FAIL DISGUSTING and very disturbing.
1)The one of the twister where the lady says "I LOVE YOU" and she is so mean to the poor guy!!! EXCLAMATION FAIL
2)Even more disturbing, were H FAIL the guy takes out KFC and eats in front of the girl without offering and disgustingly tells her to go buy it on her way home for R30.00!!!! Come on!!!! Think of what negative impact it has on people and especialy FAIL kids!!! They had some really GREAT Adds FAIL on that made us want to go and buy KFC. one of many Fantastic adds, the one of the students were WAS WERE FAIL BRILLIANT!!!! Do they really have to go to that extend FAIL for publicity and for better sales????!!!!Well guess WHAT SURPRISE CAPS FAIL, if that's the case and they continue with such disgusting adds FAIL, they will loose FAIL a lot of faithful KFC fans!!!! And I speak on behalf of family and friends too that agrees FAIL 100%.What happened to “CARING & SHARING”. Please do something.?? THIS IS NOT A QUESTION?
Yours Faithful FAILthfully
Mrs. A. Hauptfleisch NAME FAIL

But the biggest fail of all is the reason for the complaint. This chop needs to get a life. Crumbed chop. Chop crumbed with 11 herbs and spices.

While we’re on the topic, it was brought to my attention that nobody knows whether KFC chicken is made with 10 herbs and 1 really good spice, or 5 great herbs and 6 equally kickass spices.

There’s something to think about.


Paige said...

man, that's funny. rant on adonis.

Anonymous said...

this is bes shiz bro