Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I follow trends because I’m not cool enough to set trends. Latest trend is striking, so let’s all join the chops from every corner of South Africa and strike.

If you think your college fees are too high, strike.
If you think you’re underpaid, strike.
Fuck, if you think you’re overpaid, strike.
If you think drugs are too expensive, strike.
If you think they’re too cheap, then you’re an idiot, but strike anyway.
If you don’t like the president, strike.
If you’re upset at the colour of the new Smarties, strike.
If you’re pissed off that there’s no Men’s Day, strike.
If you find yourself with a box of matches in your hand, strike.
If you’re a doctor, don’t strike cos that’s murder.
If you think Stuyvesant is getting too expensive, Lucky Strike.
If you hate people who blog, strike.
If you want the day off work, strike.

If the iron is hot, strike.

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