Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Virgin for breakfast

When I have a Double K Middle A™ day, I pray for things like this to lift my spirits. What a little gem. The last time a blackboard brought me this much joy was in sex ed class when I giggled every time I saw the word “vagina”.

10% off all Virgin Active members for breakfast. Tough decision. Should I go for good old bacon and eggs or a blonde with fat thighs?

I asked the woman behind the counter if I can choose my sauce depending on what type of Virgin Active member I enjoy.

She said no.

I asked if I could pick my Virgin Active member.

She said no.

I asked if I could have one with less fat around the edges and if she could please put her in the microwave because it wasn’t that hot

She said no.

Then I asked if I could speak to the manager. She said he was at the gym. Probably eating a Virgin Active member.

Nice cheer up though.

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