Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kevin Peterson does us a favour

Every South African hates Kevin Pieterson for leaving the country to play for England. And every South African wants something bad to happen to him – like for someone to murder his cat or for him to lose his balls in a yachting accident. But nothing beats this.

He is the new Brylcreem boy. Bwahaha.

Now if someone had to chop off his leg with a chainsaw or piss on his cricket bat, that would be someone else inflicting shit on him. But by publicly classifying himself as a gay homosexual and new Brylcreem boy/girl, he’s inflicting shit on himself.

When David Beckham did it, us Liverpool supporters already knew he was a nancyboy. I mean this pic tells a story:

And while we’re here, check out this horrible punny-look-at-us-fancy-advertising-people-we-made-a-funny ad:

Keeps your hair right in the picture. You see what they tried to do there? You see how they failed?

Anyway, let’s not distract ourselves from the point of this, to laugh at Kevin Pieterson until our stomachs cramp and we wet ourselves. Thank you KP, for doing us a favour - we love you.




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