Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mall-haters anonymous

Hi I’m Stefan and I hate shopping malls.

I hate the family having their special time at Ocean Basket. I hate the zitty-faced 12 year old at the arcade trying to score the hot chick that thinks he’s ugly as fuck. I hate the fat guy who’s trying to get to the front of the KFC queue. I hate the movies. I hate Clint, the shop assistant at Clicks with the tits.

But the anal cyst of shopping malls is those signs:

Back in 5 minutes. Thanks for letting me know. But what I’d like to know is did you put it up 5 minutes ago? Or did you put it up 1 minute ago? Should I wait around? How long is still left of the 5 minutes? Or did you go for a pee that turned into a violent poo?


But I’ve decided not to physically attack any shop assistants/managers/owners for their stupidity - it’s no secret that they’re not the brightest crayons in the tool shed. It’s not their fault.

Thank you for sharing Stefan.

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