Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Survivor fans deeply upset

Hordes of Survivor fans gathered outside the SABC on Tuesday morning to protest about the SABC’s botched flighting of the final episode of Survivor. Among the crowd whose lives were deeply affected by this ‘mistake’, were single moms, members of various internet dating sites and organisers of workplace survivor draws.

Cyril Plaatjies, a 45-year-old intern at an I.T. company said he would have to make other fun plans for Monday nights as he’s lost all loyalty to not only the SABC, but Survivor. He also organised the company’s random Survivor draw and said, “My street cred has been blown to pieces by this mistake. Who’s to say that they won’t just overlook me when someone has to organise the ‘Amazing Race draw?”

The SABC released a short statement, claiming it was not a mistake:

“It was planned. We just don’t want to waste the public’s time by making them watch the pointless parts of the episode. We would rather cut to the chase so that we can play re-runs of Top Billing in its place. Jeannie D knows what she’s talking about and they tackle real issues, like décor and celebrity weddings. And if you had cancer, would you rather like to know a day before you die, or would you want to know straight away?”

But when asked if their decision was reversible, they said, “The board has spoken.”

The SABC has agreed to flight an episode of Joey and an Eros Ramazotti concert for anyone who would still like to watch shit TV next Monday night.


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