Friday, October 9, 2009

Drop-kick for love

Before you read, just remember that you heard it here 2nd, possibly even 3rd or 4th. Or on IOL.

Percy Montgomery, possibly South Africa’s most famous Springbok, allegedly drop-kicked the shit out of his ‘beloved wife’ after getting drunk at some restaurant/hotel opening. But it gets worse. Not only did he moerrr his wife, but he moerrred her family to.

From IOL:

“It is alleged that he used physical force to injure his wife and some of his in-laws, which included his father-in-law.”

Sugar-coat it as much as you like – that means he moerrred them. Allegedly.

Will Ferrel/Jackie Moon once famously said, “I’ll murder your family.”

Percy Montgomery has gone for the slightly lesser evil. “I’ll moerrr your family.”

I’m just spit-balling here, but I’m pretty sure that if these allegations are true, Percy’s pretty-boy vibe and long blonde hair will go down very well in jail.

I think someone’s going to drop their anchor in Percy’s Poo Bay. Bad boy Percy.

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