Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Irony from an organ donor

“Irony is like silvery and bronzy, just made out of iron.” – Private S. Baldrick

Anyway, apparently there are some people in Egypt buying and selling human organs.

So on IOL this morning, I see that one of the men - who was desperately poor and was forced to sell his kidney – made a funny. Check it out:

See what he did there? He regrets selling his KIDNEY, with all his HEART. Oh the irony.

Nice dude. In spite of all his hardships, he hasn’t forgotten his sense of humour. That’s a beautiful thing. He’s technically a dirty-whore-prostitute-slut though, selling his body and all.

I once tried to sell my liver and lungs to an old war veteran on his deathbed. He said, “Over my dead body”.

I thought that was ironic too.

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