Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mall-haters anonymous – meeting 2

Okay Children.

I remember telling you this before when I was airing my underpants about that moronic ‘back in 5 minutes’ sign. I distinctly remember using the power of psychic suggestion to get shop assistants to change those retarded signs:

A ‘This store will open at 20h00’ sign will be so much more effective than a ‘Back in 5 minutes’ sign, then we’d all know exactly what time to come back.

Last night, due to factors outside my control, I had to go to Canal Walk, but thanks to a shop assistant with a single-digit IQ, my visit was worthwhile.

Now everything was set up for them to make the perfect out-of-shop sign. For you and for me and the entire human race. It was so very nearly understandable. Do you think they managed to use it properly? Fuck-to-the-nizzay.

This store will reopen at back in 20 minutes. Fucking chops.

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