Friday, October 23, 2009

Mickey Mouse

So here’s a funny story.

My sister’s in Matric, mkay. So the day before valedictory, they have a little thing called the Mickey Mouse Awards. They give out a whole bunch of phoney awards to the useless people of the class who don’t win anything else:

Person with the stupidest nickname, fattest kankles, most likely to contract a venereal disease, most likely to be a failure in life, become leader of the ANC Youth League etc.

But there was some severe retardation to come at these awards. Here’s what happened:

Now, the award for couple who should be together. It’s Guy X and Girl Y.

But Girl X, the girlfriend of the Guy X was not very happy about this and stormed out. The mascara was running down her cheek and the urine was running down everyone else’s legs. Then:

Time for the next award. Couple most likely to get married. It’s Guy X and Girl X. Girl X is still outside crying. So her lying, cheating, no-good, son-of-a-bitch boyfriend (for effect), goes to fetch her.

So this chop runs gets his desperate housewife and carries her back inside like she’s going into the ER with a severed leg. He takes her onto the stage then proposes to her. As in marriage. As in “Please will you do my dishes for the rest of my life?”

Guess what she said.

Seriously people, can we get a level of sanity going here. Two 18 year olds are getting married because they watched High School Musical too many times. For crying out loud outside.

I normally reserve blasphemy for when my girlfriend talks while the soccer’s on, but good lord people.

Like sands through the hourglass.

They’re going to have 9 toasters at the age of 19.


My Sweet Serenity said...

Nice !! Except i only ask about soccer questions :)

Crome said...

Al I can say is...