Monday, October 26, 2009

Surprise surprise

Sir Turd Ferguson has blamed the referee after his ‘team’ lost 2 - 0 to Liverpool yesterday. Sorry, I mean his ‘team’ were beaten by Liverpool yesterday.

2 - 0. A fair win and a great win. But not according to the biggest whinger the game has ever seen.

Hardly surprising this:

“The ref was too young and inexperienced to handle a game of such stature,” he vomited in the press today.

How about “Liverpool played the better game”, or “Liverpool were deserving winners”.

A compliment like that will never spew forth from the mouth of that Turd.

Anyway, besides the much-needed win and impressive display from Liverpool, the fans were given the chance to verbally abuse once-great midget Michael Owen, who committed the most unheard-of act of treachery when he moved to the dirty Mancs.

A beautiful moment captured on camera:

Here, we see Michael Owen’s introduction onto the field yesterday: A Scottish Hillbilly leading a Massive Cock onto the field.
Can you hear the boos? Can you see the spit flying in his general direction?

Beautiful day it was though. 2 - 0.

“But it was the referee’s fault.”

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Crome said...

I call it an act of philanthropy - Sir Alex, you mensch you. Its similar to telling someone at a hospice that they ARE going to make it this time.