Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Call the King of Pop a paedophile and die

Evan Chandler, the guy who accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing his kid is dead. This is the oke who said Michael Jackson was the tickle monster that tickled his kid, Jordan Chandler. Allegedly, he was tickled on the willy and general surrounds.

Here’s the Mike, the kid and the dead. I mean the dad.

I’ve written a poem in his honour:

The man who said The King of Pop
Touched his boytjie’s lollipop,
Was alive and now he’s dead -
Single gunshot wound to the head.
The man in question, Evan Chandler
Called the King a kiddie-handler.
Robbed The King of all his pride
And then committed suicide.

(By the way, I am actually a published poet – something I dabbled in during my younger years.)

So he killed himself and it’s so sad blah blah wadda wadda. But the funny part of the whole story on Tonight (here) is a comment from Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim Thomas – the guy who handled the case. He said:

“Everybody in this whole saga was touched tragically.”

Bwahaha, you see what he did there?

“Touched tragically.”

Whether he was trying to make a funny, we’ll never know.

Anyway Evan Chandler is dead. Apparently, his last words were, “This is it”.

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