Monday, November 30, 2009

Massive croc spotted in Germiston Lake

“Oh golly! Look at this beeeeeauty we spotted at the Germiston Lake in South Africa. The little bugger nearly bit my head off. I was actually so surprised to see a croc of this size I nearly fell outta me caaaaaaar!

This particular species of croc is very popular in these heeeere paaaarts. Not the most attractive fella around but still loved by many, despite his ability to kill humans when they maaaaike oooieye contekt.

Check this little bugger out.”

RIP Steve Irwin. We miss you.

How many times have you fell for one of these kak email tricks?

Check out this cracker:

Horrific F1 accident:

But we all hate crocs so let’s just accept this as a ‘good one’ and move on as if nothing happened.

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