Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vuvuzelas and Ras Dumisani

So Japan and the boks have gone with the same vibe after sub-zero performances this weekend.

Japan couldn't score against Bafana so they blamed the noise of the Vuvuzelas in the crowd. I have personally had a Vuvuzela of mine stolen which injured me traumatically (read it here if you like). It was the Japanese Chief of Football who called for them to be banned. And people agreed. South African people. Some of the comments on iol were pretty funny.

Roy said: "The sound produced is equal to a giant fart from the bowel of the very hell itself. Tradition my backside. Shows the level of development. No and definitly never."

Anonymous said: "Who said once that "empty barrels make the most noise!" Nobody you twat.

Anonymous again: "Hey Japan ban Whale , Dolphin and Seal hunting then we will ban it, clean up your own back yard first, looks like you still infected with radiation poisining, stupid retards."

Dirk: "Please ban the stupid vuvuzela. It is not culture. White people don't blow on vuvuzelas so no its not "South African"

Someone always has to play the race card.

The Boks, blamed Ras Dumisani for breaking their vibe with his hondkak rendition of the National Anthem. Except I agree with this one. Here's Ras Dumisani defending himself (from Zoopy):

Too funny. What a fucking chop.

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