Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hi-fi Corporation

So I’m looking for a TV. Nothing fancy, just something small enough to be cheap and big enough to watch porn on. In search of the perfect television, I went to the Hi-fi Corporation website, where surprisingly, they don’t just sell hi-fis. It’s kind of like Perky Pets:

It’s actually a pet store, not a cat brothel. You get my point.

Hi-fi-Corp actually sells everything from iPods and blank CDs to TVs and cellphones. So I kind of like them: the employees are friendly and knowledgeable about a wide range of stuff. The same can’t be said about their ad agency. Or whichever politician/idiot/United supporter conceptualised this piece of idiocy. See if you can spot the fuckup.

I’ll leave that with you.

Think about it.

OK fuckit. Since when do you need airtime to take a picture? Is this some new cellphone thing I haven’t heard about? Or is ad industry slowly being taken over by nutfucks who couldn’t sell a black cat to a witch?

Adverting qualifications cost money and take time, but common sense is free. Like condoms. But maybe some people got those condoms with staples in them.

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ginger reay said...

Dear gods (yes, perhaps I am polytheistic deal with it) what a fuck up.
Not only with the whole airtime thing, but... how old is this phone!? I mean, even the brick'o'model cell phones come with a mini-camera on the inside of the handset so you can see how many ethnic groups your concept artist has decided to throw in. Not bad here, 3. And one isn't a minority in this country too. 爱中国!