Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

Right. Let’s clear something up. April Fools Jokes haven’t been cool since in 1 April 1984, when the world believed that Marvin Gaye was shot in the head by his own father. They even faked a death certificate to make it more believable.

That was a good one. But these days it’s a fully-fledged fuckshow. Let’s have a look at the headlines on the front page of IOL today:

Man rams car into parked plane

Somali Pirates hold internet world to ransom

Kitten Trapped in KFC’s wall

Julius Malema got a G for woodwork

I think the dumbass badge has got to go to the people who think we are gullible enough to believe this. Or is it all in the spirit of fun and I’m just the Grinch?

And wait for it. At about 2pm, there’s going to be an article on IOL telling us what all the ‘jokes’ were. Those crazy guys.

Next they’ll be telling us Ricky Martin is gay.

Oh by the way, did you know that if you repeat the word ‘gullible’ 3 times, it sounds just like banana?


ginger reay said...

Damn, that is funny, Malema getting a G!

leolovesdesign said...

gullible gullible gullible - did you really think anyone would do that!