Monday, April 12, 2010

Hurt Locker was brilliant


I’m one of those people that will devote 2, even 3, hours of my life to watching a war movie. So you can imagine when Hurt Locker cleaned up at the Oscars, I was like an Archbishop at a alter boy convention.

So I watched it and waited for the awesomeness to smother itself over my eyes.

But sweet fuck it was lame. The Oscar-winners often are, but how can you possibly fail making a war movie? Ask Kathryn Bigelow, who pretended to direct it brilliantly.

That woman should give her Oscars back as well as monetary compensation to the people that should’ve won it. Actually, she should just do the right thing and retire from movie-making forever. And she shouldn’t give blowjobs to members of The Academy.

Oscar-winner my ass.

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ginger reay said...

Agreed. And the steely 'anti-hero' has just been outed as being gay. So this movie is just toally unrealistic. A gay person treated with respect in the army? What level of disbelief are we being asked to employ here?